VolckerImperator Mar'gok Dethroned

First raid of the expansion cleared!  On to Heroic progression before Blackrock Foundry releases next month!

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LeioRagnaros is STILL no match for Dev Null!!

Even after 10 years.. the Firelord has once again fallen at the hands of Dev Null! Happy 10th Anniversary to all our team members and friends who made last night's run so successful! On to the next 10 years!
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VolckerOut of Pandaria in a Blaze of Glory

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider that is!

Grats to everyone who got their mounts tonight.  We will do one more run-through on Normal (over the next two Sundays) before the release of WoD to get achievements for anyone who may have missed them the first time around.

See you all in Draenor!

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