VolckerGlory for our Draenor Raiders

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Glory of the Draenor Raider meta-achievement!  We'll try to get the remaining achievements for the Glory of the Hellfire Citadel Raider meta in the next month or so before the Legion pre-patch hits so that everyone has time to level a gnome Hunter :-)

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VolckerA Moose in Every Hexweave Bag

Posting this a week late due to me having quest issues, but last Monday we finally got Heroic Archimonde!  The fight is not quite as bad as Heroic (formerly known as Normal) Garrosh or Lei Shen, but the kill was very satisfying nonetheless.

As always, thanks to everyone who stuck with progression through thick and thin - not just on Archimonde but with every boss on Heroic.  Enjoy the moose!

Coming up in the not too distant future: Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry raids for the Glory mounts.

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VolckerArchimonde Banished

After four months, Hellfire Citadel is cleared!  Archimonde is a tough fight, but I think it took us slightly fewer attempts to get him down than we had on Lei Shen or Garrosh.  Of course, the recent nerfs to make the fight on Normal more in line with the old SoO flex didn't hurt!

Next up: Heroic! Currently 5/13H - we'll try to clear the rest before Legion comes out!

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