VolckerHeroic Galakras Down

Sorry, no pun for this one.  However, it does put us at 5/14H and still on track to be 7/14H by the time 6.0 drops in October.  Heroic Iron Juggernaut should be down shortly, then we'll skip Heroic Dark Shaman to focus on Heroic General Nazgrim!
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VolckerHeroic Sha of Pride Goeth For a Fall

And that's the last Sha boss down for this expansion.  4/14H now - let's aim for 7/14H before 6.0 drops!
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VolckerGuild Glory of the Pandarian Raider!

Thanks to everyone who participated in getting this guild achievement (clearing Heroic Mogu'shan Palace, Heroic Heart of Fear, and Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring).   All guild members can now purchase Reins of the Thundering Cloud Serpent from the guild quartermaster in Stormwind or from your own personal guild herald or page.

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