VolckerArchimonde Banished

After four months, Hellfire Citadel is cleared!  Archimonde is a tough fight, but I think it took us slightly fewer attempts to get him down than we had on Lei Shen or Garrosh.  Of course, the recent nerfs to make the fight on Normal more in line with the old SoO flex didn't hurt!

Next up: Heroic! Currently 5/13H - we'll try to clear the rest before Legion comes out!

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RaholianThank you!

A huge thank you to everyone in the guild for surprising me with a yak for my birthday! I'm honored and humbled at your generosity, and very, very grateful.

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LeioDev Null conquers Hell Fire Citadel LFR!

Thank you to all who participated in Saturday's Guild LFR run! we had 13 team members queue together and lots of tomes and loot collected!
I will set up a Tuesday evening Guild LFR run each week (Tuesday seems to be when the experienced players tend to queue up), and hopefully we can get every toon through the Legendary Ring quest with a little less pain! Please sign up so we have an idea of the roles needed.

Again! thanks to all who came and grats!
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