VolckerAhead of the Curve: Heroic Imperator!

Even with the raid geared at a half a tier level higher, this fight still requires a lot of concentration.  Thanks to everyone who stuck with it, and congratulations on the achievement!

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VolckerBlackhand Foundry Closed for Business

After weeks of attempts, it all came together tonight for a clean kill on Blackhand!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the 66 attempts, and a special tip of the hat to Minikloo, who was the last gnome standing for the final 1%!

We also got Heroic Oregorger and Heroic Operator Thogar this weekend, bringing us to 6/10H.  We'll see how far we can get before the next tier hits (including Heroic Imperator!)

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VolckerImperator Mar'gok Dethroned

First raid of the expansion cleared!  On to Heroic progression before Blackrock Foundry releases next month!

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