VolckerTrial of Valor Cleared

A small raid, but pretty satisfying overall in terms of difficulty.  Helya is certainly the most complex boss we've fought so far in this expansion.  We'll see what the Nighthold has in store for us in less than two months!

On a side note, with Heroic Xavius falling in addition to Normal Helya, our guild is now ranked #17 for Malygos-Icecrown on WowProgress!  Thanks to everyone who has helped get us this far!

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VolckerNightmare's End

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our fastest raid clear yet.  It has been especially gratifying to see so many new and returning raiders at the start of this expansion.  Obviously, the long content drought in Warlords didn't help, but if Blizzard honors its commitment to provide us with more content on a more even basis, I hope we'll continue to see the same numbers!

On to Heroic!

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VolckerRiding Off Into Draenor's Sunset

And with the curtain about to fall on Warlords of Draenor, the Glory of the Hellfire Citadel meta-achievement is complete!  As always, thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who stuck around on the second (and in some cases third) achievement attempts to help those who missed earlier runs.

See you all in Legion!

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