VolckerHeroic Fallen Protectors Have ... Um ... Fallen

Tough fight but with both of our top shadow priests in the same raid and with some excellent healing, we managed to pull through!

Next up: Heroic Sha of Pride and heroic tier tokens!  (I promise we'll take a picture of that kill just to spice up this page a little).
comments (0) : Today 12:14am

VolckerHeroic Test of Norushen: Passed

2 down, not sure how many more we'll get before the expansion hits, but we'll have fun trying :-)
comments (0) : Sunday, Jun 1 - 10:40pm

VolckerHeroic Immerseus Quenched

No fancy picture since it just looks the same as on normal, but the first kill in Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar is in the books!  The fight is very frontloaded, but the first time we made it past the second split phase, we had our kill.

This public service announcement was brought to you by Deathashes and Volcker (tanks), Anaphylaxsis, Faeldis and Unholyelf (heals), and Dellydd, Hiri, Malorio, Mistledooth, and Zagyg (dps).

Next up: Heroic Norushen!
comments (0) : Sunday, May 11 - 10:54pm